Welcome at Autorijschool Strijp

Strijp Driving School is a small school, joined the Bovag to ensure quality and reliability. My name is Jos Mekenkamp, ​​Driving school instructor Strijp. I can persuade many ways to follow your lessons here but take some time to read what students thought of their lessons.

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CBR Praktijkexamen

Faalangst examen

Driving lessons with Bovag Warranty

This school is affiliated with the Bovag, a guarantee of quality and reliability.

2toDrive is the test that you are you may content dals 16.5 years old to start lessons. On the day that you are 17 years old you can take a driving test. If you pass your driving test you may participate in the traffic. Accompanied You may at your eighteenth take part independently in traffic.

What lessons concerns will change for you nothing except the fact that it may take 1.5 years earlier lessons. If you like you succeed on your 17th day of your driving test than under supervision to gain experience so that you can be in a car on the road 18th independently on you.