Driver Training

Driving is fun but serious business.

You have to learn it through a whole learning process and it is important that you yield the patience to make it your own.
This requires your side commitment and the will to learn and then supposedly patience . The driving course is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. You Under the header theory read how this is done. The practice is divided into four phases, namely:

• Vehicle Operation 

• Proficient Heid / vehicle control and watch technology
• Information processing and traffic insight
• Hazard and drive independently

After phase 4 do an interim test at the CBR which clearly is at what level you are and what is still needed to come good for the day on the practical exam. For this process, the largest group of some 40 to 45 hours is required. This is a national average.
You can divide the students into three groups:

• The averages. So they need. 40 to 45 hours of driving lessons
• The fast. They may perhaps 20 to 30 hours for exam.
• And slower. So they will need more than 45 hours.

In which category are you? Find out and make an appointment for a trial lesson.